False lawsuit against the Chairperson of the Kapaeeng Foundation in Dinajpur

FOn May 5, 2021, land robber Md. Mahabubur Rahman filed a false and fabricated case (Case No. CR-109/ 21) against the victim Niren Mardi along with local indigenous leaders in Senior Judicial Magistrate Amli Court(5), Dinajpur in connection with the land robbery.

In that case, Rabindranath Soren, renowned indigenous leader President of Jatiya Adivasi Parishad and Chairperson of Kapaeeng Foundation was shown as the no. 1 accused in the case. Manik Soren, Information & Research secretary of the Jatiya Adivasi Parishad were also included in the case among others. A total of 22 people have been accused in that false case.

According to the plaintiff Md. Mahabubur Rahman claimed in his false case that, on April 26, Niren Mardi, an indigenous villager, attacked him with the intention of killing. Moreover, he also falsely claimed that people who were rushed to the spot to rescue Niren Mardi, have attempted to kill him (complainer).

But the fact is that Raphael Mardi, the youngest son of Risco Mardi, was on his way to Haldibari Mill along with cycle-van driver Nishin Roy at around 9:30 am on that day. The moment they reached in front of the house of the land robber Mahabubur Rahman which is located next to the Mosque of the Barkona bazar, Mahabubur Rahman along with his three sons and his wife forcibly pulled Rafael Mardi off the cycle and started beating him randomly. When the people informed Risco Mardi about the incident, immediately he went to rescue his son with his other family members and saw that his son was being beaten with sticks and tied with ropes. However, the family members of the Risco Mardi were also beaten up by the Mahabubur Rahman’s men. Later on, Mahabubur Rahman’s relative Md. Zillur Rahman and some other goons also join in the attack and beat up family members of Risco Mardi with local weapons.

According to the locals, when the victims wanted to take the injured persons of the attack to the hospital for treatment, the land grabbers created a bar. Even the goons threatened to kill the injured indigenous peoples. Later, police personnel from the Parbatipur Model Police Station rush to the spot and they rescue the victims and send them to the Haldibari Health Complex for treatment.

On the same day, Rafael Mardi’s father Risco Mardi lodged a complaint with the Parbatipur Police Station which was recorded by the police on April 27 as a case (No. 38/143). But the police have not yet taken any action in connection with this case.

Manik Soren, information and research secretary of Jatiya Adivasi Parishad said that none of us were present on the day of the incident. But the land robber Mahabubur Rahman has filed a false case against us for standing by the victim’s side to protect the property of the poor Niren Mardi”.

It is to be noted that, earlier, the court acquitted Niren Mardi in another case filed by land robber Md Mahabubur Rahman last year. Since then, Rahman has been furious with Niren Mardi and his family.